Though tracks in iTunes library have music tags but many times there is a possibility that information in these tags is incorrect or even missing completely. Thus in these conditions, you need to fix or change the tags in iTunes. Below given are the steps for fixing and changing tags in iTunes.

If you are a music lover then your iTunes music library is surely to contain large number of your favorite tracks and when it comes to cleaning or fixing of these tracks tags manually, it is definitely a difficult task. Some of the common problems or limitations faced while fixing the iTunes library are as follows:
• Manually deleting duplicate tracks in library can take long hours
• The accuracy of information or metadata of the tracks in iTunes library at times is becomes vague as the songs are imported from multiple sources. Moreover managing these tags manually becomes an uphill task.
• It is practically not possible to remember all the information of the tracks present in iTunes library and thus changing information of these tags manually becomes challenging.
• Manually inserting cover arts for tracks in iTunes library is difficult.

Using MP3 Tag Editors to fix and change tags automatically

Tracks in iTunes on your PC


For renaming the tracks in your iTunes library, select the song or number of songs and then right click to get option of “Get Info”

A new page will open from where you can change the needed information like name, artist, album and others. Multiple tracks can also be changed using the same steps.

To Add the album art or the logo

If you wish to change the album art or the logo of the track, select the song, right click and select “get info” and then select “Artwork”.

Now click on Add option which will ask you the file name and the destination from where you want to download the artwork. Once the file is added, click on OK to save the changes.

If the tags have been done properly then duplicate files can be deleted easily by going to the Edit Option and from there see the duplicate songs and then delete them.



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