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Wondershare TunesGo: TunesGo from Wondershare is one of the best software that performs wide array of functions including editing of music tags. This software is capable of fixing music covers, music tags, deleting duplicate content and cleaning the missing tracks. Various functions in TunesGo can be performed in just a single click.

A) How to fix id3 tag in batch and in 1-click

TunesGo--mp3 tag software-- is the best id3 tag editor

It's online mp3 tag editor

It's automatic id3 tag editor

It's batch id3 tag editor

It's mp4 tag editor

It's music tag editor

It's mp3 id3 editor

It's mp3 id3 tag editor

It's mp3 metadata editor

It's music information editor

You can get this mp3 tag editor free download

B) How to fix music cover for music in batch in 1-click

C) More features of TunesGo

Besides fixing tags and music covers there are many other features of TunesGo and below given is the list of the major ones.
• TunesGo enables you to transfer music from one device to other without any limitation.
• It enables you to convert music to files to various other formats that is supported by your device and iTunes
• Allows you to download music from YouTube.
• Allows music transfer between Android device and iTunes
• Allows to take backup and restore iTunes library


MP3 Tag Editors,id3 tag editor,mp3 metadata editor,edit mp3 metadata MediaMonkey


It is one of the popular and simple to use tag editor that makes use of amazon and Freedb database for the missing cover art. Its drag and drop interface is easy to use. It can work with both tags and album art and support multiple formats.
• Easy to use
• It can work with both the tags as well as album art

Download link:http://www.mediamonkey.com/download



MP3 Tag Editors TuneUp


TuneUp works along with iTunes and is simple to use. You simply need to drag the songs that wish to analyze and the ones with missing or inappropriate tags will be checked automatically. The tool is available in free trial as well as paid version.

Pros: • Work with tags and album art.
• Simple to use.
• Functions available are limited
• Only supports few format

Download link:http://www.tuneupmedia.com



MP3 Tag Editors ID3 Editor


This editor supports both Mac and Windows and features sleek graphical UI and command line UI among which you can select the one as per your suitability. Besides working as MP3 tagger it can also help to retrieve the missing album artwork.

Pros: • Comes with graphical and command line interface
• Only MP3 format is supported

Download link:http://id3-editor.en.softonic.com/mac



iExplorer Alternatives Tagr


This software work with Mac system and supports MP3 and MP4 formats. The interface of the software is clean and simple and it also features automatic tagging. Missing artwork can also be retrieved by it.

• Interface is sleek
• Easy to use
• Limited functions and format support.

Download link:http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/30610/tagr


Functions/Alternative TunesGo Media Monkey TuneUp ID3 Editor Tagr
Price $39.9 $19.9 $19.9 $15 $9.9
Music transfer
Platform Windows , Mac,iOS,Android,WP Windows Windows Windows , Mac, Mac
Free trial version
Rating 4.5 4.5 4 4 4
Supported Formats Multiple Multiple MP3,MP4 MP3 MP3,MP4
Music Library management
BackUp and restoration of iTunes library
Android transfer/supports devices support all devices

MP3 Tag Editors ID3 Tag Editor


Compatible with windows ID3 Tag Editor supports both ID3V1 and ID3V2. The software allows your edit the metadata information of a file.

• User friendly and simple to use
• No ads and spyware
• No support for multi file editing.

Download link:http://www.id3tageditor.com/


MP3 Tag Editors Stamp ID3 Tag Editor


This free software enables you to edit as well as delete the metadata information of audio file. Batch editing is also supported by it.

• Edit information stored in .WAV, .MP3 and other file formats
• Listen audio files before editing
• Batch editing
• Substantial add-ons
• Does not allow to write your own category or genre

Download link:http://download.cnet.com/Stamp-ID3-Tag-Editor/3000-2141_4-10580125.html


MP3 Tag Editors ID3-Tag IT


This free software allows to change the metadata information in MP3 files. Batch processing is also supported by the software.

• Intuitive interface
• Batch editing
• Organize file in folders
• No latest version

Download link:http://download.cnet.com/ID3-TagIT/3000-2169_4-10544467.html


MP3 Tag Editors Tigo Tago


This is a free and spreadsheet based tag editor that allows to edit the tags of multiple files. Basic as well as extended tags are supported by the software. The software also support online data lookup on discogs and freedb.

• Preview changes before saving
• Features http connection with proxy authorization Cons:
• No traditional menu
• No portable version

Download link:http://download.cnet.com/TigoTago/3000-2141_4-10414585.html


MP3 Tag Editors MP3 Tag


This free application has user friendly interface and allows you to edit the tags containing information like song, year, artist name, genre and others. Online database lookups are also supported by the software.

• Support multiple metadata formats
• Batch editing
• Full Unicode support
• No portable version

Download link:http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html

What's Music tag

Music tag which is also known as music metadata or ID3 metadata is basically the information which is embedded in an audio file and is used for the identification of the content in that file.. The data and the information present in the tags are used by software programs and electronic devices mainly for identification purposes. There is a special reserved area in every file ( generally the start or the end) for the metadata which identifies the encoded audio in different ways. Some of the common information present in these tags include the following:
• Song title.
• Music Genre.
• Name of the band or artist.
• Name of the album.
• Track number of the album.
• Year in which song was released.

Mp3 tag resource sites

There are many sites that provide metadata information regarding tracks and below given is the list of the top 5 with their link.
• ALLMUSIC: http://www.allmusic.com/
• Discogs : http://www.discogs.com/
• Decibel: http://www.decibel.net/
• Echonest: http://the.echonest.com/
• Encyclopaedia Metallum: http://www.metal-archives.com/



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